Pleasure Handler

Responses to the application of a flat cutting em cultivator:
The plough will help quickly and qualitatively perform the work at the landing station!

The EM cultivator, a flat cut, allows for rustling, scattering and other work on the site with minimal force and time.


Universal EM cultivator (short) With the presence of replacement knives, you will be able to carry out a series of work at the station:

  1. free breath Surface soil;
  2. Rapid and convenient sediment of weeds, both on the surface and in the depth of the soil, root of the weeds;
  3. comfortable pulmonary rustling, soil surface rustling;
  4. Speedy and convenient cuts for planting small-semi-minded crops (crops, redis, salad, etc.).

The EM cultivator legs have been removed from a special design steel of high quality; the cut edges of the knives are a " cut " , which allows for a long time to maintain high cutting edges and does not require additional stitching in the operation of the pulp, the cultivator;

The design of the knives allows for both direct and reverse handling: this significantly facilitates the work and allows for a sharp reduction in the labour-cost use of the cultivator; in addition, a small thickness of the legs creates a minimum resistance in the soil, which also contributes to lungs in the work;

Owing to its design features, the EM cultivator allows for a smooth and rapid change of the replacement knives: to do so, a replacement knife must be pressed at the place of its attachment to the Power and a knife removed from the restraints of the Power; the installation of the knife shall be carried out in reverse.


  • Strict knife, for rustling and spraying in hard-to-reach places (in narrow streams, straws, etc.).
  • Large knife, for rust and spray.
  • Blade knife, for pulmonary rustration, for the surface layer of the soil, for the fast and quality of the boroz.
  • Guardian, to secure the knives.

Preparation for work:

♪ There's no entry for an EM cultivator.

When selecting the pen length, reference should be made to the approximate growth of the working person, which ensures that the minimum inclination is as effective as possible. ♪ ♪

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