Krn-5 6

Weight clibrarian for intermediary soil processing
культиватор крн 5, 6 цена

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It is intended for the intermediary processing of 8 rows of corn, sunflower, cleavine and other propellant crops removed from the intersection 700 mm.

Basic assembly: cut-off unilateral165 mm (right and left), paws with straps270 mm, doloto.

Upon application of the buyer, the cultivator shall be equipped with additional equipment:

- a feeding device for the application of spray mineral fertilizers,

- a device for the tape application of herbicides and CASs (liquid mineral fertilizers),

- protective discs,

- Dickers,

- The paws.

Provides high-quality soil streaming between rites at a specified depth with the destruction of weeds, the paralelogram suspension of the sections of the working bodies ensures the replication of soil, atmospheric pressure tyres and cut-offs of the cult shall ensure that they are self-cleared from the wetlands, the presence of a transport device on general roads.


· Borrowing of sections to the frame

♪ It is produced by two homouths and slaughtered tailings, which enhances the reliability of the anchorages and prevents a change in the width of the rites during operation. (The equivalent is made by a homogeneous and plastic, which does not guarantee the constant absorption of the dimension).

Construction of a parallel section mechanism

♪ A metal-oceramic wool with the lubricant in it and an additional mask is installed in the margins. (Analogue-- rims are filled with iron wolves without oil).

♪ Double protection against dust and dirt (spring and sealing rubber ring) has been established. (The equivalent is no defense).

♪ A mechanically processed axle shall be fitted in the margins with the traction plates fixed on both sides. (Analogue - A specimen without treatment has been established in the field, resulting in a shift in the section during work).

These design features increase the life of the paralellagic mechanism without repair and guarantee the permanent width of the protective zone.

· Coping wheel section

♪ A wide copying wheel has been installed, allowing for better replication of the soil regardless of humidity. (Act - narrow wheel fitted).

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