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Repair of trimmer machine with his hands
Мотокоса stihl, косилка штиль

In the operation of the Stil tanker, there's sometimes a broken head, there's a cable. The repair of such equipment is recommended in specialized workshops, but it is usually far away from the workshops. How to proceed repairing the threemmer of Steel with his hands.Let's try to figure this out. Stihl FS 38
The trimming is the main. Then you can fix or replace a broken detail, make replacement of the 3mm line and get it back.
We'll put the threemmer on the table on the bottom up. Reset the locking pipe of the screw and weaken the four plastic neck attachments that close the engine. We're taking out a tube with a wire and a cutter. The four-strong tip of the transmission cable is free from the fixed kneeling. If necessary, plastic skin can be removed at all, free access to the engine.
There are two tubes inside the cable, the top is 10 centimeters from the end of the tube and is woven at five points.
The lower bulb is located at the bottom of the pipe, and it will burn through the bare head that is fixed inside the pipe by the stop ring through the shed. If there was a head in the trimmer's work, it was likely that the stop ring had come off.
The lower bulb shall be fixed by a rifle which is on the homogeneous side of the skin of the bare head. To remove the skin, we need to remove the head from the head, so we can cut the top plastic booth on our head, and it's free from the waist. There's a six-brainer on the waist and a six-strong nest on the head.
We'll empty the retractor's thumb of the leather and stash it off the pipe. We're pulling a stacking rifle in the homouth, and we're pulling a tile out of the pipe. The wolf in the tube is tight, so some effort is needed. Then you can remove the transmission path. There are four border guards on the end of the cable who walk into the nest of the head and knee. ♪ ♪

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