What Gasoline Pick

Какую газонокосилку выбрать?

We stopped at the gasoline trimmer in time, disk. Arguments are next.
First, space: 24 juices. Of course, a part of the garden, a part of it is a flowerman, but the grass remains sufficient.
Second, practical. The cosmic option was abandoned immediately:
(1) expensive; it's justifiable purchase if a real lawn is to be stored periodically to fight wild grass, in my view, is a waste of money; trimmer is cheaper;
(2) Uncomfortable; we don't have a lawn as such, we have grass in the garden under trees, we have dicosses, weeds on the edges of the road, along the fence and so on. In all these areas, no gasoline will pass either narrowly or uneven;
(3) Unpractical; we don't have a flat soft grass to shine, and all that has grown up - and sometimes stiff pears or balds, and scumbags that don't even take cos... word, in some places, it's not senus, but screaming, so, by the way, the trimmers have taken a disk, these jungleys. The trimmer has fewer claims to work conditions than the cosil, based on the information that was found while choosing.
It's because the area's big, it's easier to get a gasoline janitor than to look for such elongators, so that the whole area of the burns is enough. Besides, I'm panicking about the circuits, so I can't imagine a socket of the elongator in the wet of the grass for me)
Of the shortcomings identified.
(1) Heavy; I had a son with a trimmer, I didn't. No, if it was really necessary... But it's easier for me to have a normal coin and a serpent.
(2) Ours was short-lived; they were chosen from low-cost models (because they were not too often used) and fractures started in the second season. Conclusion: Best not to save)
As for the risk of falling... If you use a trimmer on the instructions, I can't imagine how possible. No one's approaching the worker. You can't forget to wear skin.

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Какую выбрать газонокосилку
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